Volume 1, Issue 2 - January 2011

Editorial: Innovations and Practices in Work-Based Learning: Further questions about the language of work-based learning - Kevin J. Flinta and Ian Jonesb, aNottingham Trent University, UK,bbTeesside University, UK  Download

Hybrid HE: Knowledge, Skills and Innovation - Ruth Helyer, Dionne Lee and Adrian Evans, Teeside University, UK Download

Innovative curriculum design for work-based learners in small to medium sized enterprises using e-portfolios: Mary's journey using a pensieve - Alison Edith Felce and Emma Purnell,  University of Wolverhampton, UK Download

Philosophical and Ethical Issues in Work-Based Learning Educational Research: a review of four published works - Elda Nikolou-Walker Walkera and Hugh Curleyb, aQueen's University, Northern Ireland, bindependent researcher Download

An Action Research Study of Clinical Leadership, Engagement and Team Effectiveness in Working Across NHS Boundaries - Fran Woodarda and Gordon Wellerb, aKing's Health Partners, UK, bMiddlesex University, UK Download

Mainstreaming work based learning through practitioner research: insights from the Lifelong Learning Networks - Jenny Shawa, Amelia Routb and Jan Wisec, aBSV Associates Ltd, UK, bLifelong Learning Network for Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent, Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin, UK, cSparsholt College, UK Download

Advance: challenging the structure of higher education to meet the needs of adult work-based learners - Liz Marra, Cath Walshb and Mike Lomasc, aOpen University, UK, bManchester Solutions, UK and cUniversity of Bolton, UK  Download

Poster Presentation

Leading the work based partnerships in transcending interdisciplinary boundaries (Poster) - Lesley Harper, Lancaster University, UK  Download

News, Views and Reviews

Book review: 'Doing Work Based Research Approaches to Enquiry for Insider - researchers' Carol Costley, Geoffrey Elliott and Paul Gibbs - Margaret Malloch, University of East London, UK Download

2nd International Conference of Professional Doctorates Download