Volume 3, Issue 1 - May 2013

Editorial 2013 
Hemda Garelick & Gordon Weller
Middlesex University, London, UK
Pages 1-5
Embodied Cognition – The Developing of Professional Doctorates as a way of knowing
June B. Boyce-Tillman
Faculty of Arts, University of Winchester, UK
Pages 6-26
A double helix the postgraduate research skills agenda and the doctorate
Margaret E Malloch
School of Education, Victoria University, Australia
Pages 27-44
Breaking the Boundaries of Professional Knowing Through Alternative Narratives proof read
Richard Baina Bridget Cooperb Gail Sandersc
Sandhill View School, Sunderlanda Faculty of Education and Society, University of Sunderlandb Faculty of Business and Law, University of Sunderlandc
Pages 45-75
The connection between professional doctorates and the workplace symbiotic relationship or loose association 
Hilary Burgessa Gordon Wellerb Jerry Wellingtonc
School of Education, University of Leicester, Leicester, UKa School of Health and Social Sciences, Middlesex University, Middlesex, UKb School of Education, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UKc 
Pages 76- 108
Supporting international students on professional doctorate programmes
Rob Burton Marilynne N. Kirshbaum 
University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom 
Pages 109-121
Development of a new Balanced Evaluation Framework for Service Improvement 
Susannah Cooka Gordon Wellerb
South Tees NHS Foundation Trust, UKa School of Health and Education, Middlesex Universityb
Pages 122-155

Dialogue and Debate

The internationalisation of professional doctorate programmes challenges and opportunities for networking by students of global health leadership 
Stuart Andersona Suzanne Havala Hobbsb 
Susan Helm-Murtaghb
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, UKa University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USAb
Pages 156-165
Where next for Researcher Development A discussion of work-based learning for postgraduate researchers 
Rebekah Smith McGloin Kerry Wright
University of Nottingham, UK
Pages 166-175
University and Program Leadership- Essential for Effective Professional Doctorate Programs 
Rosemarye Taylor
University of Florida, Florida USA
Pages 176-188
Synthesis of a workshop by EuroDoc'Agro 
Gwladys Jean-Josepha Muriel Mambrinia JAlice Francoisb Nadia Haddadc
French National Institute for Agricultural Researcha 
AgroParisTech & ABIES Doctoral Schoolb 
Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire d’Alfortc
Pages 189-193
Experiences from Group Supervision within an Alternative Path for qualifying University Teachers at a Doctoral Level 
Gerd Bjørkea Geir S. Brautb
Stord Haugesund University College, Norwaya
Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Norwayb
Pages 194-205
Assessing partnership models maintaining quality as professional doctoral candidates are prepared for independent research
Amanda Mulcahy Maddocks
Concordia University Chicago, USA
Pages 206-221