Volume 2, Issue 1 - October 2011

Editorial: Being and becoming a producer of knowledge - Margaret Volante and Gordon Weller (Middlesex University, UK) Download

Graphic organisers and writing performance: Improving undergraduate competence using action research in a workplace internship - Kylie Emerson and T. W. Maxwell (University of New England, Australia Download

Australian professional doctorates: mapping, distinctiveness, stress and prospects - T. W. Maxwell (University of New England, Australia) Download

Perspectives on professional doctorate education in the United States - Bridget N. O'Connor (New York University, USA) Download

I am the doctor: conflicts and tensions of a professional doctorate as a labour market qualification - Pamela A. Irvin-Lazorko (Drexel University, USA) Download

From a career development programme to professional doctorate or practice-oriented PhD: a Norwegian case study - Gerd Bjørke and Laurence Habib (Oslo University College, Norway) Download

The potential to enhance practice: the value of a professional doctorate for social work practice - William J. Mcallana and Sheena E. E. Blairb (aSouth Lanarkshire Council Social Work Resources, UK, bGlasgow Caledonian University, UK)  Download

Identity, reflection and developmental networks as processes in professional doctorate development - Gail Sanders, Judith Kuit, Peter Smith, John Fulton And Helen Curtis (University of Sunderland, UK)  Download

Student perceptions of the professional doctorate - Peter Smith, Helen Curtis, Gail Sanders, Judith Kuit, John Fulton (University of Sunderland, UK) Download

Power, participation and partnership: methodological reflection on researching professional doctorate candidates' experiences of researching in the workplace - Gordon Weller, Margaret Volante and Hemda Garelick (Middlesex University, UK) Download

The self in social work - Adam M. Barnard (Nottingham Trent University, UK) Download

The view from over here is different: relations between doctoral study and professional practice - Pat Drakea, Marcia Behrenbruchb, Karen Felsteadc, Lorraine Beveridged (aUniversity of Sussex, UK, bInternational Baccalaureate Organization, Singapore, cUniversity of Ballarat, Australia, dUniversity of Newcastle, Australia) Download

Supervision: a meeting of minds and hearts; a coach and facilitator of adult learning reflect on the experience of engaging in supervision as a professional doctoral student in practical theology - Linda Robinson (University of Chester, UK) Download

Tensions in the purpose and impact of professional doctorates - Hilary Burgessa, Gordon Wellerb, Jerry Wellingtonc (aUniversity of Leicester, UK, bMiddlesex University, UK, cUniversity of Sheffield, UK) Download

Professional doctorates in the social sciences - Adam M. Barnard (Nottingham Trent University, UK) Download

Dialogue and debate

The grounded professional doctorate: making real world differences in education - Christopher M. Clarka, Kate Olsonb and Jennifer Sorensonc (aArizona State University, USA, bVassar College, USA, cEducational Consultant, USA) Download

The role of professional organizations as partners in the supervision of dissertation research in emerging professional (work-based) doctoral programs - Amanda Mulcahy Maddocks (Concordia University, USA) Download

Development of a common curriculum core for doctoral training in health leadership: perspectives from an international collaboration - Suzanne Hobbsa, Egil Marsteinb, Stuart Andersonc and Rhonda Cockerilld (aUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA, b Norwegian School of Management BI, Norway, cLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK, dUniversity of Toronto, Canada) Download

The ethical implications of the lifetime blood donation ban policy on homosexual and bisexual men: exploration in the context of professional doctorate - Jihane Joseph Hajj (Drexel University, USA) Download