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Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2019

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Ruth Miller and Margaret Volante ‘Work based projects: creating meaningful learning experiences for workplace impact’  
Pages, 1-19

Joanna Booth ‘How does participant experience of work-based learning shape a professional identity?’.
Pages, 20-38

Ahmed Samy and Marko Savic ‘The Hybrid Education Model: Evolution of the Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE’.
Pages, 39-48

Caroline Louise Smith*, Sarah Kate Coleman and Chrystalla Ferrier - ‘Employer and work-based student perceptions of virtual laboratory teaching and assessment resources’. 
Pages, 49-66

Rebecka Näslund and Åsa Gardelli ‘We Can and We Want To’: People with Disabilities Intra-acting with Researchers and Technology in Research’. 
Pages, 67-84

Gail Milburn, Jordan Dolfi, Richard Parsons, Gordon Weller ‘Perspectives on Professional Doctorate research and learning; the lived experience of the learned professional.’  
Pages, 85-100


Peter Critten, Carl Day, Ian Helps and Dr Philip Squire – ‘What does Business expect from an On-going Relationship with Academia?’.  
Pages, 101-

Katrina Morrison - ‘Reflective Practice at the Scottish Prison Service’

Catherine Hayes and John Fulton - poster and abstract ‘Pedagogies of Praxis for Real World Critical Reflection; Professional Doctorate Reflexivity’

Thomas Kerr - ‘Developing iPLA Requests with Labor Leaders Utilizing the Threshold Learning Model’.

Nuno Pina Gonçalves, José António Palma and Karla Albuquerque Pereira - ‘Work-based learning application - BrightStart Program: An initiative to promote digital skills in higher education’.

Laran Chetty*, Margaret Volante, and Kay Caldwell - Core concepts of a multiple-perspective conceptual framework for advancing occupational health physiotherapy practice’.

Michele Tiraboschi ‘The Employer's Perspective of Practice-Based Doctorates: A Paradigm Change’.

Abdalla Elbadri, Gordon Weller, Magdi Awadalla Mohamed, Sara Haidar Eltigani ‘The Professional Doctorate of Pharmacy in a developing country: the Sudan Initiative’.

Gordon Weller Trust me, I’m a doctor: proposal for a professional doctorate pledge’.

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