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Editorial Board

For editorial enquiries and article submission write to both:;

Carol Costley, Middlesex University
Kevin Flint, Nottingham Trent University.
HemdaGarelick, Middlesex University
NicoPizzolato, Middlesex University
Anita Walsh, Birbeck, University of London
Gordon Weller, Middlesex University

International Advisory group

Dr. Panayiotis Angelides, University of Nicosia
Dr. Pauline Armsby, University of Westminster
Prof.GerdBjorke, Norway,
Prof. Colin Chisholm, Glasgow Caledonian University
Dr. David Holifield, University of Wales
Prof.SavvasKatsikides, University of Cyprus
Prof.Kam-Cheong Li, Hong Kong Management Association
Prof. Len Caims, Monash University, Australia
Dr. Marg Malloch, Victoria University, Melbourne
Dr. Mgr. Petre Novotny, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Elda Nicolou-Walker, Middlesex University
Prof. Panayiotis Persianis, Cyprus University of Technology
Dr. Denyse Webbstock, Council on Higher Education, Pretoria

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